The Memoir – Page 7: Claudio PRC

A podcast curated by Hypnus Records where talented electronic music producers are invited to make a recording consisting entirely of their own creations; a memoir.


Claudio PRC – Emission (Nebulae) [TGP]
Claudio PRC – Echoes [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Nur [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Transparent [Prologue Music]
Claudio PRC – Ostinato [Semantica Records]
Claudio PRC – Through The Lights [Prologue Music]
Edit Select – Hi Line Extraction (Claudio PRC Version) [Lanthan Audio]
Claudio PRC – Oes [Prologue Music]
Teste – The Wipe (Claudio PRC Version) [Edit Select Records]
Claudio PRC – Ter [Trolldans Records]
Claudio PRC – Riflesso (with Dino Sabatini) [Semantica Records]
Luigi Tozzi – Attis (Reworked By Claudio PRC) [Mental Modern]


Recorded by Claudio PRC, May 2017.


VA – Formation 1 (Informa Records)

It may not always be obvious, but music as escapism can serve as a radical social statement. What some may see as a daydreaming or imagination of impossible realities, can constitute a sort of revolution of thought, the seed of a more humane and sensible worldview. Although on a first-rate, high-level basis, it may seem like if the music contained in Informa’s 10th release is a series of psychedelic, dystopian and otherworldly tools for escape, it might be a proposition for improvement, a route to Self-discovery, a reflection on the true nature of our environment.

Although at no point in this release such high concepts are explicitly made, there is a consistency in the vision and methods present in the art created by the peers that the label founder and owner Deepbass has selected for this very special, celebratory release. Encapsulating the product of eight minds, eight visions, in a common concept for evolution in unity. The 8 tracks that make up this double EP create, by sheer power and purpose, a collision of 8 wormholes in different worlds and times, into which the listener is immersed and propelled, and from which he can gather new perspectives, renewed thought, clearness Of mind.

The spinning melodies and traveling colors of Claudio PRC, the deep driving ancient ceremonial music engendered by Alfredo Mazzilli, the electroshock waves of Hironori Takahashi’s submerged sounds or the dramatic, ghostly suggestion of fear and paranoia weaved by nAX_Acid. No imagination of what happens in the eye of every storm, earthly or otherwise. The circular stimulation and mounting tension is evident on Takaaki Itoh’s contribution, the cave-dwelling echoes of Reggy Van Oers’s lightning strikes. And the entrancing menace and feeling of hope are subjugated to Deepbass’s own proposal. All of them can be seen as eight tunneling paths into the lost hours of the longest nights on the dancefloor, or a single unifying quest to take back control of a progressively harsher and alienating reality that engulfs us.

(Nuno Mendonça)

INFORMA010 – A Compilation Of Modern Atmospheric Techno – mixed by Deepbass


Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born
Alfredo Mazzilli – Gandharva
Hironori Takahashi – Foreav
nAX_Acid – Crisium
Ness – The Spaceship Of Imagination
Takaaki Itoh – Terraria
Reggy Van Oers – Ebullient
Deepbass – Battle For The Mind

Claudio PRC – The Place Where We Were Born:

Catalogue number:

INFORMA010, May 2017


Double vinyl, digital


“The Place Where We Were Born” W&P by Claudio Porceddu. Mastered at Artefacts Mastering.

VA – GREENOSOPHY Chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

Swiss deejay Cyril Miserez_dj mizoo takes you on a vibrant journey through vast downtempo ambient soundscapes with solid incursions in the deep trance and techno fields. Featuring engaging tracks from the deejay himself, Ultimae’s AES Dana, Scann-Tec, I Awake feat. Hybrid Leisureland, Cell, Miktek and new comers to the label’s realms such as Mystic Crok, Om aka Ovnimoon, Ascendant and Claudio PRC.

“…tiny seeds slowly converged, took root and from the depth, gently germinated…Greenosophy opens the door to these thoughtful, lunar and at times enlivened blooms”

Mizoo’s Greenosophy Second Chapter is a warm and lush record combining music by some of the finest composers, it’s a smooth outward extension from the original Greenosophy. Cyril Miserez dedicates this story to Francis Bégert, Michel Jaouen and Roberto Bonagura.


Claudio PRC – Domo (full streaming):

CD Booksleeve + Postcards + Bookmarks:

Catalogue number:

inre090 – (C) & (P) 2016 Ultimae, February 2017


CD, digital


Collected by Mizoo. Mastered by Vincent Villuis & Vladislav Isaev | Ultimae Studios. Artwork by Arnaud Galoppe and Vincent Villuis. “Domo” W&P by Claudio Porceddu in his nomad studio.


VA – GREENOSOPHY chapter II | Collected by Mizoo (Ultimae Records)

Claudio PRC – Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records)

Volumi Dinamici is the second long player of Claudio PRC, a project that combines music and art inspired by the Futurist concepts of movement and dynamism and artistic currents such as Abstract Expressionism; the name itself is a tribute to a work of Italian artist and pioneer Luigi Russolo. Volumi Dinamici is a collection of 11 tracks accompanied by the same number of illustrations, different from each other but characterized by a common technical and compositional approach. The several shades of the atmospheres and the linear rhythm of the grooves come together to form a dense and mental musical dimension, a journey into the sounds and their intrinsic symbolic value. Depth, lights, shadows and noises are tangible elements of this work that mark the beginning of a new sound research based mainly on the instinctive use of machines and analogue instruments.


Resident Advisor: Semantica announces Claudio PRC album, Volumi Dinamici

XLR8: Semantica Unveils Claudio PRC Album

“…each production seems to describe a fantasious and underground city, where a dense fog blurs all the feeble lights.” (Different Grooves)

Tracklist CD:

Disteso (with Blazej Malinowski)
Riflesso (with Dino Sabatini)

Tracklist LP (2×12″):

Disteso (with Blazej Malinowski)



LP 2X12″ clear vinyl, collectors edition:


Catalogue number:

SEMANTICA 87, January 2017


CD, double vinyl, digital


All tracks written and produced by Claudio Porceddu, “Disteso” with Blazej Malinowski, “Riflesso” with Dino Sabatini, Berlin 2016. Mastered at Artefacts Mastering, Berlin. Original paintings by Claudio Porceddu, oil on paper. Released by Semantica Records, 2017.


Claudio PRC – Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) Vinyl

Claudio PRC – Volumi Dinamici (Semantica Records) CD

Dj set / November 2016


nthng – Untitled
nAX_acid – Bathyal
Reggy van Oers – Taciturn Manner
Ritvik Neumann – Binah (Luigi Tozzi Remix)
Elyas – Olympian 3.1
Christian Wunsch – Chemical Reaction
Ness – Primordial Source
Tensal – Forma 1
Massa – Attempted Escape (Deepbass Remix)
Luigi Tozzi – Mefite
Leo Anibaldi – Always From Reality (Marcus Henriksson Remix)
Joachim Spieth – Evaporate
Dubiosity – Binaural Recording


Recorded in Berlin, picture: Don Worth “Tree”.

Claudio PRC & UNC / Blazej Malinowski – TGP Extra 003

Claudio PRC and UNC are back on TGP alongside newcomer Blazej Malinowski. Two deep and spacey techno journeys out on 12” and digital, December 2016.


Claudio PRC & UNC – CXXV
Blazej Malinowski – III

Catalogue number:

TGP Extra 003


Vinyl, digital


W&P by Claudio Porceddu & Pier Alfeo, Blazej Malinowski, mastered by Artefact Mastering, original picture by Aerphis “Uncharted Space”.


Claudio PRC & UNC / Blazej Malinowski – TGP Extra 003

Claudio PRC – φάσμα (TGP Free Download)

Originally performed live at Fasma Festival 2016, Athens, Greece.

φάσμα / FASMA («φάσμα»~fásma) is the greek word for spectrum, i.e. a condition that can be limited to a specific set of values but can also vary infinitely within a continuum.

Fasma Festival:

Continuous mix:

Full release:


Written, produced, performed and mixed by Claudio Porceddu, mastered with Dino Sabatini in Berlin, 2016. Artwork by Blazej Malinowski. Part III contains a reworked sound based on the original sample “Erokia – Ambient Wave 2 Stretched” taken from, Part IV contains a reworked sound based on the original sample “Erokia – Elementary Wave 11” taken from

some rights reserved

Luigi Tozzi – Mefite EP (Incl. Claudio PRC & The Gods Planet Remixes) (Mental Modern)

A rosy light,
shows her profile

Bleeds of tears
and the bruises over her face.

The shouts, have deafened
of herself, the ears

Short is the breath,
given by the humiliation

The curled up limbs,
to do not feel pain.

And those tired eyes,
To see of her nightmares, the faces

They fade,
as dissolving the dim light is,
of another, damp, sun.

-Utopian Soul-


Luigi Tozzi – Mefite
Luigi Tozzi – Mefite (The Gods Planet Remix)
Luigi Tozzi – Attis
Luigi Tozzi – Attis (Claudio PRC Remix)

Catalogue number:



Vinyl, digital


Remixes W&P by Claudio Porceddu and Andrea Deplano. Mastered by Gianluca Meloni at Space Echo Studios.


Luigi Tozzi – Mefite EP (Incl. Claudio PRC & The Gods Planet Remixes) (Mental Modern)

Various Artists – 10.III (Semantica Records)

Semantica’s ten-year anniversary 12-inch series part III.


Juno Plus

Resident Advisor


Abdulla Rashim – Donostia
Claudio PRC – Utopia
Evigt Mörker – Apostat
Edit Select – How We Fall

Catalogue number:



Vinyl, digital


“Utopia” W&P by Claudio Porceddu, Berlin 2016. Mastered at Enisslab Studio.


Various Artists – 10.III (Semantica Records)