Electronic Explorations 370: Claudio PRC & Kondaktor

di claudioporceddu

Claudio PRC & Kondaktor

An excursion into early Greek and Italian electronic music. Fascinated by Futurist aesthetic and early electronic music, the two artists, Claudio PRC, from Italy, and Kondaktor, from Greece, led by a strong affinity and passion for experimentation, comparing the two important realities that have had a strong influence in the evolutionary processes of contemporary music, researching and mixing some of their favourite pieces that have marked the history of music of the two countries.


Luigi Russolo – Corale E Serenata (With Antonio Russolo)
Iannis Xenakis – Diamorphoses
Bruno Maderna – Notturno
Anestis Logothetis – Fantasmata
Luciano Berio – Thema Omaggio A Joyce
Michael Adamis – Piece Two
Maurizio Bianchi – Cold Tape
Panos Alexiadis – Noumenon


Claudio PRC & Kondaktor: An excursion into early Greek and Italian electronic music (Electronic Explorations)